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Dave Perron – Foot to the Pedal

1. All Saints Day – 3:54 (Dave Perron)

2. Girl From the North Country – 3:45 (Bob Dylan)

3. Truck Stop Love – 5:50 (Dave Perron)

4. Dark Side of the Glass – 3:55 (Dave Perron)

5. Million Miles – 4:37 (Dave Perron)

6. Negative Capability – 4:30 (Dave Perron)

7. Far Away Eyes – 3:19 (Dave Perron)

8. Take on the Night – 4:31 (Dave Perron)

9. Only – 3:26 (Dave Perron)

10. Black Cove – 5:34 (Brian Hansel)

11. Unrequited – 5:18 (Dave Perron)


Recorded & Mixed at Mintown Recording Studios, Minturn, CO

www.facebook.com/mintownstudios 970-827-4154


Mastered at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO

www.airshowmastering.com 303-247-9035


Produced & Mixed by Joe Bianchi & Dave Perron

Mastered by David Glasser


Dave Perron-Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Joe Bianchi-Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Mark Levy-Drums

Jeff Armistead-Piano, Organ, Keys

Cody Russell-Pedal Steel

Terry Armistead-Vocals

Rob Eaton, JR-Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Brad Murphey-Acoustic Guitar

Richard Zimmerman-Mandolin

Bob Masters-Electric Guitar

Pete Kartsounes-Vocals

Brent Gordon- Saxophone


Billy Doran- Photos


All Songs Property of Widowmaker Entertainment, LLC

P.O. Box 82, Edwards, CO 81632


I would like to thank my family, friends, college, dogs, travel, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ontonagon, the amazing musicians who have joined me on this record and those that I have played with over the years.